Frequently Asked Questions

We all know bats in North America eat tons of flying insects every night so that is an obvious benefit to having a bat house.  However, large bat houses provide an additional benefit- wildlife viewing.  Watching the bats leave the house at sunset is an unforgettable experience.  Thousands of bats pour out of our bat houses every evening.  Providing one of the most spectacular wildlife spectacles on earth.  Many large bat house sites attract visitors every evening from miles around and from all walks of life.

Our bat houses have been designed to be virtually maintenance free.  The bat houses have an open bottom so guano simply falls to the ground.  We do not permit bats access to the attic area of our houses as experience has shown these fill with guano rapidly causing structural failure of the house.   The exterior of the house is covered in cement composite siding and the roof has galvalume metal, our mounting brackets all are finished with the highest quality powder coat paint application process and all mounting bolts are stainless steel. Every partition is secured with ring shank galvanized nails and construction adhesive.  We recommend pouring a small concrete slab under the house for the easy harvesting of guano.  Some parks actually sell the guano to organic gardeners to help fund the addition of another bat house.

After years of trial and error we have developed a bat house that is easily shipped to your site and installed in minutes.  Our houses arrived secured to a standard shipping pallet, ready to go.  We recommend the use of a tele-handler type forklift (these are available at most rental stores), the house is simply lifted and placed on the poles.  The pallet is then removed and a single lag bolt secures the house onto each pole.  That's it!

Bats are less dangerous to the public than bees, bodies of water or bicycles!

The best way is to just ask someone who owns one of our houses!