What Our Customers Have To Say

“The bat houses at Andrews Wildlife Management Area and Hickory Mound Wildlife Management Area are fully occupied and provide valuable additional safe roosting opportunities for our native bat species. I enjoy watching them exit and fly off to their nightly bug eating activities.”

Jayde Roof
Biological Scientist III
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

"The Park’s new Bat House is located in the Farm Field, and is the largest known bat house in the United States. Bats enter the house from underneath through three-quarter inch openings. The Bat House is able to hold half a million bats since bats only use one-fourth of an inch of space. Bats are nature’s insect controller. Bat t-shirts now available at the Country Store in three colors."

The Bat House at Suwannee Music Park and Campground

"It was very satisfying as a refuge manager to see our big bat house being used by tens of thousands of bats!  It provided a home for the bats, a pleasing sight to me and enjoyment for the public who came to see the nightly grand exit of the bats."

Kenneth Litzenberger
Southeast Louisiana Refuge Complex Manager
2010 Refuge Manager of the Year
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service