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Wildlife Integration and Big Bat Houses

It is our mission to bring people and wildlife together. One way to accomplish this is through the design and construction of community size bat houses. Our unique construction process makes these large bat houses easy to ship and install. Who uses our systems? Parks, schools, cities, wildlife refuges, farmers, landowners and more.

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This is our monster sized 4' X 4' X 4' model. It is designed solely for large estates, refuges, parks or even cities. Thousands of bats can become denizens of the model WI-444.

Our houses are built of durable long-lasting exterior grade sidings and come with corrosion resistant metal roofs.



Here are some organizations currently enjoying our houses!


"It was very satisfying as a refuge manager to see our big bat house being used by tens of thousands of bats!  It provided a home for the bats, a pleasing sight to me and enjoyment for the public who came to see the nightly grand exit of the bats."

Kenneth Litzenberger
Southeast Louisiana Refuge Complex Manager
2010 Refuge Manager of the Year
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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We're happy to answer any questions you about bat houses and how they can benefit you and your community.

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